Why Bail Can Be Revoked In Ontario

Many Americans have heard the term “bail” used, and would immediately associate it with someone who has been arrested. That is a correct assumption. Many Americans however, are not overly familiar with the actual process due to not having been through it themselves. Some may not even know that they do not have to come up with the total amount of bail by themselves but can in fact, use a bail bonds company such as Ontario Bail Bonds.

Basically, bail is a security usually in the form of money that is used in exchange for the release of an arrested person. This is a surety that the person will appear at their court dates when required. In the state of California, bail amounts are so high that most households are unable to raise the amount of bail required on their own. This is when they will seek out a professional bail bonds company such as ours.

Ours is a highly professional and experienced bail bonds firm successfully serving the Southern California community. Offering premium services to our clients, we are committed to ensuring the needs of our clients are met at all times.

The normal scenario in using a bail bonds company such as ours is that a defendant will use their one phone call in jail to contact a family member, or a close friend for assistance. In turn, that family member or close friend will contact a bail bonds company such as Ontario Bail Bonds. It is also usual for the friend or family member to become a co-signer. The co-signer usually pays the fee to the bail bonds company for their services and in signing the agreement, also becomes responsible for ensuring the defendant adheres to the conditions of their bail and bail bond agreement. The most important condition is that the defendant appears before the court when required.

In the event that the defendant does not adhere to the conditions of their bail and bail bond agreement, the bail bonds company will immediately have the bail revoked. A bench warrant will be issued for the arrest of the defendant, and the bail bonds company will then take all necessary steps to locate the defendant and bring them back in to custody. Some bail bonds companies will even employ the services of a Bounty Hunter to undertake this task.

It is very important to realize that any defendant who has had their bail revoked is now in the situation of never being eligible to be granted bail again. Also, the co-signer and defendant are financially responsible for all costs and fees associated with bringing the defendant back in to custody.

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