How To Find The Best Bail Bonds Company In Ontario

So, you’ve just received a phone call from someone who has been arrested. They are being held in custody and need bail money. This is one phone call a lot of people never expect and are never really prepared for. A lot of people may not even be aware of the great assistance they can get from a bail bonds company such as ours.

Some people may be making telephone calls to family members and friends trying to raise the money for bail, while others will choose to wait until they can get hold of an attorney. Neither of these options are necessary when using a professional bail bonds company like ours.

Ours is a highly professional bail bonds company that fully licensed and employing highly experienced staff. You need to know you are in the hands of an industry professional at a time like this, and our company is the best in the industry.

Being arrested can be a frightening experience for anyone, especially for those who are going through it for the very first time. Not knowing what to expect, how the system operates or even who to go to for help with all this, can make the experience even more frustrating and stressful. This is just as frustrating and stressful for the defendant’s family, and friends.

If you are the person receiving a phone call from someone who is in jail, it is important to gather some vital information that will help the us commence the release process quickly.

  • Full legal name of the defendant

  • Correct date of birth

  • Where the defendant is being held

  • What the defendant has been charged with

This information will enable our bail bonds firm to ascertain how much the bail will be and in turn, how much the bail bond fee is going to be. Like all businesses, bail bonds companies and agents need to be paid for their services. Unlike most other industries however, the bail bonds industry must operate within strict guidelines.

The fee you will need to pay any bail bonds company or agent will equal 10% of the total amount of bail you are seeking assistance for. For example, if the defendant’s bail is $40,000, then the bail bond fee payable to the bail bonds company will be $4,000. While some may find this out of their reach, our firm will work in with those clients who qualify and organize a workable payment plan.

Once the fee has been paid, or a payment plan organized and the necessary paperwork filled out, we will then post bail on behalf of the defendant to secure their release. The defendant will then be free to leave jail and return to their normal every day lives.

If you are seeking a professional and experienced bail bonds company, call us immediately on (909) 784-1558. We will be there for you right when you need us the most. Our website contains even more valuable information.

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