How Bail is Set

Bail Setting In California

Bail values in the state of California, are fixed on a county to county basis. Each county sets their own “bail schedule,” on an annual basis. Even though bail prices generally don’t change too much, each and every county will still hold to this annual ritual.

California currently has the most expensive bail in the whole country. Los Angeles County, and Orange County lead the way, and are in fact, the most expensive in the nation. It is therefore highly advised that you locate a good bail bonds company, anytime you are arrested in California.

Bail is always set by a Judge, and based on a list of certain criteria. Public safety is always the main concern, as is the seriousness of the criminal offense. Whether the defendant has a criminal history, and is a repeat offender, are always huge factors when a Judge is determining the price of a bail. It is also logical to assume that the more serious the particular offense, the higher the bail will be. If the defendant is a repeat offender, and has an unfavorable criminal history, it is to be expected that the bail will be substantially higher, if granted at all.

Another consideration the Judge looks at is, how likely it is that the defendant will return to court when required. The less likely the defendant is to return, the higher the bail will be, if granted at all. Bail can also be changed by a Judge, during the arraignment process. There are always situations where an offender, prefers to go to court rather than getting bailed out right away. This is done with the hope that the bail will be reduced. A Judge has the power to not change the bail, release an accused upon his or her own recognizance, reduce the bail, raise the bail, or refuse bail all together.

There is always an element of risk when a defendant faces a Judge without taking the bail opportunity. Judges may read this as a ploy and refuse the bail, or increase it even higher. Seeking the assistance of a dependable bail bonds agency, is always beneficial. It would be wise to realize however, that no bail bondsman, or legal representative can guarantee bail will be granted. Only a Judge can make this call.