Following Arrest

What Follows An Arrest

Once a person is arrested in the state of California, they are taken to a local law enforcement facility for the processing and booking process. The actual time it takes to perform the process will depend on the overall size of the specific facility, and how busy they are. In a number of instances, the offender may be processed in around an hour, on the other hand, in much larger or busier regions, completing this task may take up to 12 hrs, or more.

Upon arrival for processing, every detainee will certainly be searched for weapons, not to mention illegal substances. All the individual’s belongings will be confiscated, registered and also stored via an officer/jailer inside of the prison. A person is not going to have access to any of his or her personal possessions, including, cash, credit cards, plus cellular phones, for their custody duration.

A defendant will actually be fingerprinted, a background search done, warrant search, combined with actually being processed directly into system, during the booking process. The individual should also be cross referenced in a nationwide criminal system, plus even be updated straight to this system as well. Once this particular part of the procedure has been carried out, the accused will be escorted to a prison cell.

Various prisons will have a payphone that a defendant can make their one phone call from, otherwise, they will be granted permission to access a phone at that jailer’s convenience. Inmates are definitely not able to have phone calls or messages, which means in the event you receive a call from someone in prison, make sure to get down as much information and facts as you can.

If you are going to use the services of a bail bond company, you will need to be able to provide certain details in order for them to help the defendant. Full legal name, which prison they are being held in, and if possible, what they have been charged with will assist greatly.